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Sgroi Innovations SafeBox with Mounting Plate
Sgroi Innovations SafeBox with Mounting Plate

Sgroi Innovations SafeBox with Mounting Plate

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The "SafeBox" Cell Phone Mount is a revolutionary new patented product made to hold and keep your cell phone safe while on the move! It is meant for any type of power sport vehicle, ATV, UTV, Wave Runner, Snowmobile, Kayak, Boat. You name it, you can mount it on it, keeping it Safe and functional. Available in 7 custom colors.

The SafeBox is sold together with our proprietary Mounting Plate. Our Mounting Plate is designed to mount the SafeBox directly to any flat surface, either vertically or horizontally, (See photos), no additional mount is required. It is also designed to work with RAM mounts, (sold separately), to allow easy installation anywhere and in any position you prefer, and on any type vehicle. 

Your phone is fully visible and functional while it sits safely inside the SafeBox Mount! It is fully waterproof, it floats and is shockproof. It has a built in USB port for connecting directly to your vehicle’s power source, or you can add a battery backup or wireless charger for a full day of use. You can also fit some credit cards, cash, and keys behind the phone. 

The SafeBox Mount is designed to hold any cellphone while that phone remains in it's own personal case, yet your phone can be snapped in and out of our SafeBox Mount in one second flat! Your phone sits safely on an included custom foam base that you cut to fit your phone regardless of the size, and it remains visible and fully functional, including your camera, through our heavy duty touch screen. It is currently available in 7 custom colors.

Our SafeBox Cell Phone Mount is Ideal for your ATV, UTV, Snowmobile, Wave Runner, Boat, Bicycle, Tractor, Riding Mower, you name it! You could easily disconnect The SafeBox from the Mounting Plate and take it along to the beach, sports events or  concerts where it it would be protected from foul weather, sand and dirt.

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