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Rhino Lights Ultimate Combo Package Bluetooth Cree Rock Lights & Extreme Whips

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Built to last AND built to fit! The Rhino LightsOff-Road CREE LED Underbody 4-Piece Rock Light Kitfits virtually any 4x4 off-road vehicle, Jeep or truck. Heavy gauge wiring and waterproof construction means this kit is built to deliver even in the most extreme conditions. Install theOff-Road CREE LED Underbody 4-Piece Rock Light Kitin your vehicle's wheel wells in front of and behind each tire, which allows the driver greater visibility to safely navigate any off-road obstacles like rocks, mud, water and sand. Plus the coolness is amped up thanks to Bluetooth technology, letting you select from thousands of colors! You're in complete control of yourOff-Road CREE LED Underbody 4-Piece Rock Light Kit's functions and colors via the FREE Bluetooth App, just easily download from your app store.

Infuse your ride with some extra style and safety – introducing Rhino Light's newest off-road LED whip. Our whips use the brightest 5050 LED lamps on the market.Delivering anywhere from 200 to approximately 540 LEDs on a SINGLELED whips and are color changing, color chasing,Musiccontrolled and more. Plus they're powered by a simple, easy-to-use Bluetooth app.

Light up the night sky with your choice of over256modes including unlimited speed and brightness options. Great for UTVs, RZRs, ATVs, dune buggies, sand rails, Jeeps, you name it. Extra coolness factor: turn off the whip for that trueBLACKOUTlook thanks to the black backing of the LED strips. With built-in quick disconnects and includedHEAVY DUTYsprings, these whips withstand all the beating and punishment you can unleash out on the trail.

And did we mentionSAFETY?Our unique integrated turn signal and brake overrides deliver extra safety for night riding out on the trails! Activate the turn signal, the left or right whip turnsAMBER... hit your brakes and the whips turnREDeven when the whips are off, how's is that forSAFETY?. Style and safety in one neat, nearly indestructible package – how awesome is that?

Plus at 1" in diameter, thewhipsare one of the thickest whips on the market! We also use the clearest UV resistant protective tubing available on the market so that your whips will always look brand new.Buy with confidence knowing your whips are backed with ourLIFETIME warranty!

Single Whip lightsDO NOThave braking and turn signal functionality!

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