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Rhino Lights Knight Rider Single Row LED Light Bar

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One of the biggest concerns with off-roading is naturally impaired visibility. Thanks to its unique Amber mode, the Single Row Strobe Knight Rider DRL Amber/White LED Light Bar can penetrate through extreme dust, snow, fog, rain or any other low visibility conditions. That's because amber (basically orange) light reflects differently off of objects in our line of sight. Unfortunately many amber light bars on the market crank out fewer lumens than standard light bars. Rhino's Knight Rider series uses full 10w LG LED chips to ensure you're receiving the highest light output.

This unique series takes safety lighting products to a whole other level. Our aptly named Knight Rider Single Row Series provides an increased level of strobe customization and lighting options to suit your safety needs, while maintaining the Rhino Lights pedigree of rugged sturdiness and style. Choose from four sizes, ranging from 20" up to our largest 50" model.

 The Single Row Strobe Knight Rider DRL Amber LED Light Bar offers:

  • a couple of lighting modes, including fully on and strobe mode
  • a powerful, more focused 6D optic/beam, ideal for brightly lighting a specific area thanks to its focused beam
  • high wattage (10w) LG LED chips

Like all of our lights, the Single Row Strobe Knight Rider Amber LED Light Bar goes through a rigorous quality control process including an 8-hour burn-in and a water submersion torture test to ensure its quality and longevity. All Rhino Lights are a minimum of IP68, which means they're 100% waterproof and dust-tight to protect against submersion in up to 13 feet of water. Many Rhino Lights are classified as IP69k so they're battle-tested against the prolonged effects of immersion under pressure.

Plus our Single Row Strobe Knight Rider Amber LED Light Bar is covered by a limited lifetime warranty delivering 100% assurance along with the peace of mind that comes from investing in a product you can trust.

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