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Rhino Lights Build A Package
Rhino Lights Build A Package

Rhino Lights Build A Package

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We are the THICKEST whip on the market standing at 1" thick so because of that we have the MOST RGB leds per foot then any other company to date which makes us the BRIGHTEST!! We have 50% MORE led strips then any other brand! Everyone claims to be the brightest but our many happy customers prove otherwise!! This is our top of the line whips on the market with our custom built anodized quick disconnect anti-clogging system that is included with every Rhino Whip. Our whips use an American made fiberglass rods with 360 degrees of wrapped in house engineered Rhino led strips! Buy with confidence knowing your whips are backed with our LIFETIME warranty

Syncs with our American Made Rock lights, halos and LED Strips.

Learn more about our LED Whip base here: 


  • Anodized 2 piece Mounting system with a quick disconnect pull pin system at only 3"inches tall ( shortest on the MARKET! )
  • A Metal to Metal quick disconnect anti-clogging system leaves only a stud behind so dirt, sand or mud won't prevent you from attaching or detaching our whips like some of our competitors.
  • Higher Grade UV protection LED Strip with clear coating
  • Ultra-Clear PVC Heatshrink that has UV Protection
  • A keyed quick disconnecting system that allows for faster mounting for the push pin base
  • Controlled with our In-House Built Bluetooth Controllers
  • Anodized Quick disconnect INCLUDED at only an AMAZING 2.75 inches tall
  • Solid Colors, Chasing, Stacking, Dancing, Pulsing and MORE!
  • Sold in Pairs. ( can be purchased in singles, contact us for pricing.)
  • Can sync with our Glow Kits, halos and American Made Rock Lights.

What are the differences with our controllers?

  • Our bluetooth controller has virtual unlimited solid colors with 200 patterns including auto cycle mode. Saves your selection for the next time when you turn on the controller on. (Instructions on the attachments tab)
  • Our music bluetooth controller has a color slider, 180 patterns including auto cycle mode. Also features 36 MUSIC and DIY patterns that let you customize your colors that will react based on the music/sound it hears. Saves your selection for the next time when you turn on the controller on. (Instructions on the attachments tab)

Want to add Turn Signal, Braking and Reverse Functionality? Order our Made in USA Turn Siganl, Braking and Reverse Addon Board

1" thick Whip LED Count

  • 1ft Whip - 6 feet of LED Strip each with about 108 LEDS per WHIP
  • 2ft Whip - 12 feet of LED Strip each with about 216 LEDS per WHIP
  • 3ft Whip - 18 feet of LED Strip each with about 324 LEDS per WHIP
  • 4ft Whip - 24 feet of LED Strip each with about 438 LEDS per WHIP

Do I need springs?:

Short answer: YES! Why? Our Springs are highly recommended for trail riding where trees and other low items can hit your whips. Our whips core are a stiff fiberglass rod that DOES NOT bind and hitting anything stiff can break the whip. Because of our design we engineered springs to help with those terrains. If you forget to take your whips off and back out of your garage or toy hauler then the springs will allow the whips to bend down and save them. Look no warranty claim needed. You can keep going! Its cheap insurance to save shipping and lost time for warranty repair.

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