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Hill Killer Differential
Hill Killer Differential

Hill Killer Differential

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Get the new HKD. Developed, tested, and proven to be the strongest Diff we ever heard of. This is a brand new differential that we have built to withstand the thrashing of extreme offroading.

We machine an interference fit sleeve on our ring gears, press them on and fuse weld for piece of mind.

With the added wall thickness of the ring gear we had to develop a new billet aluminum spring retainer, 4wd armature, and sprague plate.

Our 4wd arm plate is 25% thicker to increase magnetic holding power and less likely to bend or fail.

Our sprague plate is billet steel and mountains stronger than factory.

One key component in increasing strength and longevity is the addition of roller bearings and oil passages to our drive hubs.

We supply a billet aluminum sprague cage in our builds as well.

Every differential we build is bench tested to ensure proper function before they ship.