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All Balls Pioneer 700 Lower Ball Joint Kit

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Your Price: $35.96
Retail Price:$39.95
You Save:$3.99(10%)
Part Number: 27-2
Used by pro racing pilots and amateur bikers around the world
Blend of astounding operation and unmatched reliability
High-grade design and construction built to last for years
Designed to withstand the unique conditions of racing
Perfect for use in high-speed environments

Ball Joint by All Balls®. Ball joint kit is sold per A-Arm and comes with snap ring and cotter pin. Ball Joints feature HD steel cases with POM-M90 bearing material for long life. AB offers replacement ball joints for those Kawasaki and Suzuki applications that force you to buy an expensive A-Arm or steering knuckle. Put an end to premature Honda ball joint failure by upgrading from the OE aluminum joint to HD steel joint.

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